Pygmy Twins

Grey x sparticus

These two little cuties are the perfect example of perfect pygmy babies. The lighter one is a doe and the other is a wether (castrated male). They will make a fabulous addition to any hobby farm.

The doe will darken as she gets older. She is a very pretty little girl. Will mature around 19" at the shoulder. Would make a fabulous breeding nanny and we will include 50% off a future breeding to either of our other billies, Mr Tumnus or Thor. For sale $250

The wether is very striking and will be a fabulous pet, or companion for your lonely horse or puppy. This little boy will darken as he grows, but may have a much lighter winter coat. Should mature around 20" at the shoulder. For sale $200

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Delivery can be arranged at no charge to the lower mainland.